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‘Rugby training is great way of building a closer bond between team members’

This is exactly why we offer our services not only to your children, but to your local businesses and schools. Our training day allows your staff to step into the life of a modern day professional rugby player for a few hours and experience the rigorous exercise and training they go through. We take you through everything from warm up,  passing drills, high intensity cardio workouts, kicking drills too tackling but don’t worry, we always end the day with a high energy game of tag.

During the day, your co workers/ students will have developed their self confidence, developed their communication skills and worked at a higher level of energy without even realising it. Everyone we have worked with have always said they have seen a noticeable change in behaviour around their environment and every individual who took part, enjoyed the experience.

So why not TRY something different and give your colleagues/ students a different experience, and see the results for your self.

  • Improves self confidence

  • Develops team bond

  • Improves communication and work ethic

  • Improves energy levels and fitness